2011-02-08 08:59:24 by NeonEntity

Hey guys,
Thanks for everyone who downloaded, commented, rated and liked my songs. Much apreciated.
I'm currently getting a logo made and that will be cool.
My lastest song is called "The Beat of the Earth". Here's a link.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /397981
Also you can search NeonEntity and there is a page on facebook with new songs, updates etc.
I have recently started using youtube as a promoter and its working quite well. You can subscribe to NeonEntityMusic and some of my songs are up on their.
I will be posting more songs shortly.
Thanks again to everyone, without you none of this can work.



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2011-03-15 07:18:03

DUDE!! your so awesome :-) Keep the songs coming. Without sounding to weird or anything... can I have a sample of your blood so I can clone you and keep you in a box in my room? Thanks bro, songs are sounding good :-)

NeonEntity responds:

Thanks alot man :D haha